If, by chance, you've reached this page, haul out your crying towel right now, because everything has been sold!!! Please don't -- DO NOT -- write me and ask whether I have or can get whatever you need!!!



(A) I've got no more of those on the left, and can use all I can get! I no longer have a need for those on the right, but I need one of the shades in the middle, above.




(B) I've got five of the shades on the left, but no fixture. So, I either need the fixture, or I can use the set of five for trading purposes. I've got two (light pink) in the center (er... had, they're gone now), would love to have the metal sconce plates or a small fixture, or use them for trading. I need one of the amber shade on top, and I've got one of the item on the right available for trading.




(C) As far as the shade on the left goes, I've got four amber, three white frosted, and two light pink. All available for trading, or I could use fixtures -- whatever. In the center, I have two available (the one you see has a fairly heathy chip just left of center at the top. I have three frosted white and 3 in an amber/green at the top, and five of those on the right (one has an "ear" broken off but epoxied back on).




(D) The shade on the left is the same as the top shade in the above photo (woops!). The next one to the right, in a fairly opaque white, I have three of. I have 8 or 9 of the next one, at the top, in a frosted white, and 3 in a light amber. The shade to the right I have four in green and four in amber, and I do have a fixture, so I could use one of either, or use one set of four for trading.




(E) I have three of the shades on the left, which have a painted finish, white with orangy/amber highlights. I have five of the one next to it. On the far right, I have just that one. At the top, I have a pair of those on the left, and also a pair of those on the right. No metal, up for trade, or if you have metal.

I've found a home for the shades on the top left, GONE!




(F) I've got three of the green shade on the left, and four of the one at the top. I have a metal fixture for each set, so I need two of the ones on the left, one of the other. The shade at the bottom of the photo is up for trading, and I have a pair of those beauties on the right, no metal, also up for trading.




(G) A fantastic shade on the bottom left, I have four, up for trading. I have four of those in the middle, on the bottom, up for trading, and I need two of those on the right, dark amber. I've got a pair up for trading of both the shades at the top. Woops, sorry, the ones on the top right are gone!




(H) I've got four of those on the left, bottom, and the fixture. I need one! It's a light yellow/lime color. The one to the right, a darker green, is the same fitting, but I only have one. It's much more common. On the top, I have three of each, up for trading. The dirty one on the left is actually frosted white, and the other amber.


Wow! Such a knockout, Jack; take me to page two of the Trading Center!

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