(R) Brilliant design, n'est-ce pas? By Hallberg, I presume a Dane. It would make sense, no, with that delicate design? Can you feel the influence of Jensen? Originally silver-plated and lacquered, and as you can see it has "the patina of the ages" upon it. I should double the price!! (e-mail Jack for a price)


(L) ... is for "Love them bookends!" That's tractor-talk. Anyway, these machine-age gems are the coolest! Each measures 5 3/4 by 3, and 4 1/4 high. $220 for the pair! (e-mail Jack to start the conversation)


(S) ... is for SASAKI! And yes, of course I have a set of this dinnerware and could I live without it? Hardly!

The bone-white, super high quality porcelain with its jaunty, colorful decorations sets the mood for a fun meal every time. That is, unless somebody at the table's harboring resentments (they just might be jealous of your impeccable taste).

The dinner plate is just under 11 inches in diameter; the soup bowl, about 9 1/4, the salad plate, just under 8 inches. The cups are a nice size and the handle design, sublime. The sugar and creamer are a bonus, especially with the black finial for the sugar lid (it came in white as well). The sugar bowl lid has been “lightly” damaged you can see the chip in the close-up photo; there's a hairline crack as a result. I will say that this is nowhere near the breaking point, as long as it's treated with care and kept out of the dishwasher. One salad plate has a flake near the rim about the size of a pinhead. Otherwise, like new! Dishes to die for!!! $575 the set. (e-mail Jack for a price)






(A) The famed Revere Manhattan cocktail set by Norman bel Geddes. Cups, however, by Mrs. bel Geddes... Oh, well, I've looked for no less than 20 years for a set of original Manhattan martini cups to go with the tray and shaker, but I give up!!! The shaker's in very good condition -- no dents, tiny scratches here and there, some compromise to the chrome (it's been used). The tray, near-mint. The cups... let's just say I'm throwing them in so that you won't have to drink out of the shaker. And by the way, there are six cups, not four as shown.

Norman's fine set now residing in Spain, at Adolfo's! SOLD!!


(B) How could I resist comparing the famed Bel Geddes set with a top-notch, though generic, French cocktail shaker and 8 cups, trouble-maker that I am!? A primary difference between the two sets is their finish -- chrome for the Americans and silver-plate for the French. The American set can go eons without attention, but the French set needs silver polishing with some frequency. Ah, does this give us a clue about how they live and about how we live? Does anybody in your house wear a French maid's outfit (outside the bedroom)? Well, it all comes down to one's individual sense of design excellence, doesn't it -- that is, after that sticky question of who's going to polish the damned thing is settled.

The lucky stiff who bought this must be in cocktail heaven! SOLD!!



(C) Our 800 silver bowl has the simplest Moderne styling; it's about 6 inches across. Remember "less is more?" Well, what's stopping you?! I suspect it's Austrian, what with the hand hammering and the 800 mark. There is a hallmark, but it's impossible to decipher.

This very special bowl has gone to a new home... SOLD!!



(D) This box is nicely hallmarked, but do I look like I know everything? I bought it in France, that much I know! And, it's got the heft and quality of construction of -- gasp! dare I say it?! -- a bauble turned out by that Cartier joint. I mean, hey, I just saw the Cartier exhibit here in San Francisco, and what can I tell you, I could make that stuff with one hand tied behind my back. Uh-huh... Well, getting back to this box, I'd say it's about 9 inches across. Or so.

In spite of my idiotic pronouncements: SOLD!!


(F) Yessiree, pretty special! And where else are you going to find this sort of Art Deco excellence but DECORUM?! The base is heavy enough to park an eagle inside the cage, but he'll eat you out of house and home, so I'd suggest a canary, particularly since the yellow feathers would go so nicely with the green patina.

SOLD and on its way to Miami, chez Troy!



(G) Rolling bar, French, Ca. 1930. The tray lifts off for serving, a mirrored work area is under it. All chrome-plated brass with the exception of the round tube at the top, which is chrome-plated steel. Bottles sit on the two smaller mirrors on the sides. Dimensions: 29 1/2 high, 30 wide, 17 deep.

GONE but not forgotten! SOLD! (Other bar carts available, see below....)



(H) Table-top black lacquered radio, Ca. 1935, American. Interior parts restored (it plays), front fabric replaced. Dimensions: 16 1/2 high, 12 1/2 wide, 9 deep.




(I) Aluminum "wall tree," with swiveling mirror, French. Dimensions: 24 1/2 wide, 13 high, 9 deep. These are divine in a bathroom, on the wall -- a great storage place for a few towels or washcloths, above, and good for hanging towels or bathrobes, on the "hooks." I have a fair number of these in various manifestations, and different materials, such as chromed brass, even wrought iron.

This one's gracing Shannon's New York City apartment, but you can find others on my site under "I call 'em 'wall trees.'"



(J) This doesn't have a whole lot to do with Art Deco but in its simplicity it certainly won't antagonize the rest of your Art Deco collection. It's a Chinese lacquered pigskin trunk of course, in superb condition, and ready to serve one of a thousand possible uses -- for example, as a place to stack and store your Chase collection!

Such a gorgeous piece, now SOLD!!



(K) This solid aluminum cocktail cart has got the look, with its squared tubing and mirrored surfaces. The tray on top lifts off for easy delivery of the drinks you've just mixed. Of the rolling aluminum French bars, this one is probably the most visually splendid. Wheel this baby around your living room and just feel those Depression Blues dissolve...

It took a while, but Ms. Perfect came in and rolled it out the door! SOLD!!



(L) And speaking of aluminum, how do you like these bookends? Your guess, from an airplane or tractor? (e-mail Jack for a price)


(M) Don't you love the stylized mountain our plane is flying over? It's got a wingspan of about 16 inches.



(N) There's more metal running through my veins than blood, so this woven, solid brass (originally either nickel or silver-plated) panier gets me right where I live. Constructed as a bread basket, it can be used to hold fruit, or flowers, or....? It's about 14 inches long and 8 high.

If you ever go to France and come back without one of these, you'll regret it! SOLD!!



(O) Well, I could just go on and on about this "window" -- or whatever you'd like to call it. The pictures say it all, really, and they don't lie! The patina, from the rusted leaves to the rust, blue, and white colors which are hanging onto the wood frame for dear life, is, as I've put it above, "delicious." It measures 39 tall and 26 1/2 wide, which means it has formidable presence. I could so easily see this on a wall, inside the house, of course, all by its lonesome, maybe with two terracotta pots holding cacti...?? Why not!!! The opening of the two pot holders, by the way, measures about 4 1/4 inches across. And, in typical European style, they just lift out of their holders on the decorative part of the wrought iron. Then there's that explosion of sun rays in the center at the top! A decorator's dream come true?

The lovely lady who bought this found it JUST as charming as I: SOLD!!



(P) While we're in fly-boy mode we might as well show off this all-aluminum tricycle! What a hoot! Supreme quality, as you can see. That's a little "stand" of sorts between the rear wheels for one child to put his or her feet on while holding onto the driver's shoulders. Scary, huh? The best news of all: your child (or you) can graduate to a two-wheeler, as it's CONVERTIBLE!!! One nut takes off the rear assembly, then you take one of the wheels and place it in the center of that rear fork you see, and voila, you or your child is ready to start practicing for The Big Time.

The kid whose Dad bought this for him is now missing his two front teeth; ah, but what a ride it was! SOLD!!


(Q) I've got a pair of these sexy chairs, all curvy like a woman's body (heh, heh)... I've recovered the seats with a cordovan colored leather (heh, heh again). The original nickel finish is in excellent condition! Now for the kicker: folklore has it that the bottom is thusly configured to accommodate a man's hat, upside-down (and old-fashioned, of course)! And guess what, it's an exact fit! If you have a cafe table then you need these chairs. If you don't, please allow me to sell you one with these chairs!

Oops, they made their way up to the top of Russian Hill! SOLD!!!



(S) I know, Silly Me, here I go again having too much fun! Those have to be brothers -- huh? -- the one pointing the gun at the other's head?! Who else but brothers for such a loving act (er, how about Republicans and Democrats?)? Anyway, you don't have to buy the tin-type if you can't stand violence. The Art Deco picture frame is what's really up for sale here, it's French and sooo cute!! Just a few inches across, for the baby picture.

The lunatic tin type is still around, but the frame is... SOLD!!


(T) Any of us will go a l-o-n-g way to find an Art Deco front door handle and lock as good as this one! All original, with a key, in fine condition; bronze or brass with a bronze patina.

GONE, but not forgotten! SOLD!!


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